Customs brokerage

International trade in goods with regions outside of the EU customs area and transfer of economic ownership definitely includes a forwarder, a customs broker for the course of international trade to have all norms of both quality and safety guarantees as well as an uninterrupted course.


Our job is to apply all export and import formalities in accordance with customs regulations and trade policy measures as well as to provide their safe implementation.


Our work is reliable from the perspective of both state bodies and business partners; we guarantee economic operators transparency and equality.  AEO certificate is acknowledgment of our devoted efforts, knowledge, vision and strategy as well as it brings certain privileges all over the EU and most importantly, loyalty of our partners.



Customs regulations

After providing, checking and preparing the documentation we apply necessary provisions in accordance with customs regulations that are typical of representing the procedure of customs clearance of goods.

We guarantee responsibility and correctness of customs declarations and their timely submission.

We’re responsible with our own actions before customs for putting the goods submitted to the customs into an allowed customs procedure with the implementation of all legal formalities in accordance with customs regulations.


We take into account proactive investments in technology in order to make obligatory electronic business and data exchange with customs bodies (e-communication) as simple as possible.

We guarantee compliance with and implementation of relevant legislature and customs law of the EU.


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